Monday, 13 February 2017

12 Facts About Labor And Delivery

Here we explain you some facts about labor and deliver which may help you understand the phenomenon and you may get relaxed or alert on the basis of these facts. Here we explain all of these.

Fact 1. Your baby Would Come Un-timely:
When your due date is so near then it doesn’t matter what the situation is your baby has to come at any cost. So be alert in this regard because there is no fixed time for baby’s arrival.

Fact 2. Painful Experience:
As everyone knows that delivery process is too much painful. So to get through such a painful situation you must be mentally prepared and you must be patient meanwhile.

Fact 3. Water Leakage:
Your water may leak for hours before and after delivery. So you need to be careful in this regard and you must have some plastic bags with you while moving to any other place.

Fact 4. Time to Push Baby:
You will be told by your nurses the time to push the baby. So this is a sensitive point to keep in mind when the baby should be pushed.

Fact 5. You May Be Asked Some Motivational Word:
For the purpose of getting through the pain of contractions it is better way to get motivational and encouraging words from your beloved ones.

Fact 6. You may feel odd:
You may feel odd as this is not a usual experience. This unique experience lets you feel everything odd in your life during that specific period of delivery.

Fact 7. Dealing with Vomiting:
Some ladies may experience the problem of vomit during delivery so you need to keep a barf bag with you to deal with vomiting.

Fact 8. You might feel that Baby is coming out from Behind:
Because a lot of pressure is posed on anal opening as well that’s why you may feel that baby is coming out from behind.

Fact 9. Pooping your Pants:
You will definitely poop for real while delivery but you need no to worry at all because this is not an odd thing for doctors, midwives and nurses. They will encourage you that you are pushing well.

Fact 10. Pushing for Hours:
You may push for 1-2 hours if you are a new mom. So you need to understand that it is a natural phenomenon and really a challenge for mom.

Fact 11. New side of your Husband:
You will see a new side of your husband during this phenomenon. Because that’s really a sensitive event and your husband may pose a unique reaction during all this event and you would be surprised to know about the hidden fact of your husband.

Fact 12. Feeling Confident:
After getting through all the painful event you may feel level satisfaction and confident. You will feel like nothing is impossible for you. That is a charm which really flourishes your soul.

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